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Zeynep Oral


Writer, theater critic, cultural editor, columnist, Zeynep Oral has taken part in the cultural agenda of Turkey for many years with her books, articles and conferences in different corners of the country. She has built bridges between social consciousness and cultural affairs.

Born in istanbul in 1946.
Graduated from American Girls College in İzmir (1964.)
Graduated from Ecole Superieure de Journalism in Paris (1966)
L'Institut des Etudes Theatrales at the Sorbonne University in Paris (1964-67)

1968 - 2001 1968-2001 worked in "Milliyet" newspaper as columnist , theatre critic and "grande reporteur"...

Founded the Milliyet "Cultural Review" (bi-monthly 7O page magazine on arts and culture) in 1972 , of which she was the editor in chief until 2001

Since 2001 She is working for "CUMHURİYET " daily.
She is the President of PEN- Turkey. and Honarary Vice President of AICT ( Association Internationale des Critiques Theatrales)

Author of 18 books, among which are short stories, collection of essays, biographies, travelogues, research on women issues, human rights issues and cultural issues...
Her book on Leyla Gencer has been translated and publihed in English "Story of a Passion" (IKSV)İn Italian "Leyla Gencer:Il Canto e La Passione"(Editore Mursia) and in French "Leyla Gencer" (Bleu Nuit Editeur)
Author of one play : "Adsız Oyun" (A Play Without a Title) which was produced by the Municipal Theatre of İstanbul (1974 ).

Worked for Robert Wilson for the "İstanbul Project 2000".

Guest Lecturer on theatre , culture and women rights both in Turkey and abroad.

Zeynep Oral is married to Ahmet Oral (architect) and is the mother of Emre and Kerem and the grandmother of Lara, Yuna , Aslan, Maya, Tara, Noah and Emma.

Among her awards are :

 - 2012 - Dil Derneği (Turkish Language Association) "Language Award" (İstanbul)
 - 2011- International Press İnstitude: "IPI Press Freedom Dialogue Award" ( Vienna)
 - 2004- "Chevalier de l'ORdere des Arts et des Lettres" ( French Goverment)
 - 2000- "Mothers for Peace"by UNESCO (Athens)
 - 2000 -Mothers for Peace by UNESCO - Greece
 - Best Travel Book Award " by the Tourism and Travel Writers Association Turkey for her book "My Far East" (1998)
 - 75. Anniversary of Turkish Republic Award - Turkish Women Association (1998)
 - "Contribution to women's rights" Award-(1995) ; Best Women writer (1994) for her work and book "To be a Woman".
 - Communication Gurus in Art and Literature Award by the Istanbul University (1994)
 - Officier des Palmes Academiques " by the French government (1990)
 - Best Serial in journalism" Awards (1984, 1985, 1986)

Some of her NGO activities are:

Ex-President of the Turkish Theatre Critics Association.
 - Honarary Vice President of AICT (International Association of Theatre Critics )
 - Member of PEN Club
 - Member of Turkish Writers Union.

One of the founders and active ex.com member of organizations such as:

 - "Turkish-Greek Peace Association"
 - "Nazım Hikmet Foundation."
 - "WİNPEACE" (Women Initiative for Peace)
 - "Ana-Kültür" (Mother-Culture)
 - Advisor to the International İstanbul Theatre Festival.

Zeynep Oral’s book
“Leyla Gencer: A Story of Passion”
Has been published by the  İstanbul Foundation
For Culture and  Arts

First English edition:  ISBN 978-975-7363-73-6
c.2008. İstanbul

contact: yayinlar@iksv.org

Leyla Gencer
(Excerpt from a biography.)


"Please, Guard Hasan, let's go to the edge of the cliff, the edge of the cliff!"

A little girl with jet-black hair, pitch-black eyes -- she is maybe four years old, maybe not -- climbed up to Guard Hasan's arms, pointing out the edge of this plain, the very edge of the cliff.

This is a game they both like and play often: Guard Hasan throws the little girl up high and catches her. The little girl flies in the sky for a while; then, while she is falling down, she finds herself in the trusted arms of Hasan. She wants to play this game, not at any place on the plain, but always at the very edge of the cliff.



They existed first.

They always existed in the most passionate loves and dreadful hates, in boundless freedom and helpless captivity, in shining bravery and miserable cowardice, in hope and helplessness, in acceptance of fate and challenge of fate, in wisdom and innocence, in intellect and emotions, in kindness and wickedness.

All the emotions of the earth could be phrased with their existence, their adventures.



Some Of Her Most Popular Books:

Kadın Olmak - (To Be A Woman)
(AD Kitapçılık 1985. )

Research on the situation of women both in Turkey and in the world. Some sections of this book are: Women in War- Women in exile- Women at work - Women in the fields - Women in cities - Women in the house - Women at Work - Women and the changing roles etc.

Bir Ses (A Voice)
(AD Kitapçılık. 1986)

The voice (biography ) of a grandmother, (Ms. Reha İsvan) who was a peace activist, jailed after the military coup in Turkey (1980) united with the voices of other women prisoners


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